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ExcelEnd RC48 Carbon Filter


ExcelEnd RC48 Fresh Air Australian Virgin Carbon Filter

Next Gen worlds best Australian RC48 Carbon Filters are now here!
EXCELAIRE is proud to launch ExcelEnd Carbon Filters, the ultimate in odour filtration with a price breakthrough.
These filters are of the highest quality, packed with the worlds best virgin RC48 Australian activated carbon.
These lightest units have the highest airflow with 55% open mesh, coned internal bases for even distribution, anti bypass build, use of lightweight alloy and have the longest lifespan, 100% odour removal, making these filters unbeatable and super value for money.
Excellent EXCELEND, an end to odour - 100% permanent!EXCELEND-LOGO-CUT.png



EXCELEND FILTERS contain 100 % proven Australian virgin RC48 Activated Carbon which makes for the smallest, lightest and most effective carbon canisters ever.
The RC48 carbon with ultra high activation processes result in one of the fastest absorbing carbons on the planet.
These filters will eat 100% of any odours you can throw at them, guaranteed.
Our carbon is tested on plant pollens and we guarantee 100% filtration of all organic compounds including micro organisms for the recommended fan size.
It is now available in several sizes, with new improved 55% open mesh, coned internal bases for even flow distribution, made with lightweight alloy using clever anti bypass technology for 100% filtration.
EXCELEND filters are machine packed and undergo stringent individual quality control, and are immediately sealed for long life span.
All filters are supplied with black pre filter sock, in colour box, and all this with reduced attractive price tag!

RC48 carbon used in EXCELEND Filters was proven to absorb over 100% of its own weight in impurities.
Industry standard ID factor represents how much iodine each single gram of activated carbon can absorb.
In comparison, other filter competitor coal carbon has an ID factor of around 500 mg/g to EXCELEND’s RC48 carbon has minimum of 1,050 mg/g ID which makes it the industry highest absorbing filter.
Further more
EXCELEND’s RC48 carbon has been triple sieved to remove and reduce ash content to minimum prior to machine packing to guarantee most absorbing material in every
All this and more makes EXCELEND RC48 Virgin Activated Carbon Filter the best and most absorbing, longer, lighter and value for your buck filter on Australian market today!


Lighter / more airflow / longer lifespan / lower cost / greater absorbtion = The Ultimate Australian Carbon Filter ! 


Recomended Fans:
100x300mm ExcelEnd = 100B / 125B Huracan
150x500mm ExcelEnd = 150B / 150S Huracan
200x1000mm ExcelEnd = 200B / 200S Huracan
250x1000mm ExcelEnd = 250B / 250S Huracan
300x1000mm ExcelEnd = 300PC



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