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NANOLUX electronic ballast



Nanolux Electronic Ballasts are the smallest and lightest ballasts on the market today and are able to operate both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Lamps. By using cutting edge technology, they are half the size and one quater of the wieght of most E-Ballasts on the market while still having more featurse than most. Nanolux operate about 20% cooller than most E-Ballasts, and giving savings in electricity of upto 30% when compared to some magnetic ballasts. Nanolux E-Ballasts feature a soft dimming function, which allows you to operate your ballast at either 100%, 75% and 50% lamp output. The dimming function is an effective way of introducing young plants to intense lighting and reducing the risk of shock and burning. Along with soft start, a random start feature gives each ballast a 0 - 15 second window to strike the lamp. Combined this allows for a less intense power draw when usuing multiple ballasts.

Nanolux ballasts have an inbuilt Safety Check System with a LED status indicator to indicate any problems that may arise. This allows the user to quickly diagnose any issues and malfunctions.

With stable output frequency giving no lamp flicker and maximum lumen output from your HID lamp, the Nanolux E-Ballasts are the new industry standard

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